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If God be for you, who.....

While driving today, I encountered heavy traffic where both lanes were congested. Initially, one lane began to move, and I observed a significant number of drivers shifting to the left lane. Despite being in the right lane, I faced challenges merging as others didn't provide space and intentionally prevented me from merging over. As time passed, I noticed that all the vehicles ahead of me successfully switched to the left lane. Soon, I saw a police car, a tow truck, and a wrecked vehicle ahead, causing a standstill. I waited for an opportunity to merge, but was unsuccessful. All of a sudden the tow truck with the wrecked car and police car began to move, which allowed me to continue moving forward in the lane I was already in and passing the cars that hadn't allowed me to merge earlier.

I share this experience to offer encouragement. In Revelations 3:8, it's mentioned that God opens doors that no one can shut. So, regardless of the challenges you face, hold on and be patient. Remember, if needed, God can pave the way uniquely for you. Because as it is written, "If God be for us, who can be against us."

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